The title of this blogpost is something that I have been called many times. It is always done behind my back but I hear it through the grapevine, anyway. It has become a badge of honor since I – and anyone else who is tarred and feathered with this label – am always right. It is the go-to ad hominem attack on anyone who has the guts to speak the truth.

There are so many things that I have stated on my blog that have now been proven to be categorically true. It all started during the lockdowns when I did not buy the mainstream narratives. This is because they did not line up with what I was seeing and hearing in the real world. It didn’t take much to figure this out: research, critical thinking and carefully observing my environment. These are not the actions of a nut job but an intelligent, sceptical and truthful individual.

During this time, I also began to share what I had discovered about the Bible and the lies we’ve been told about it, religion, history, civilization, and so many other things. I had begun my research before the lockdowns, but the time I had on my hands as an inhabitant of the most locked down city on the planet (Melbourne, Australia), gave me the opportunity to put it all out there very quickly. More people were online being stuck in their homes, so the popularity of the material was inevitable. Even if some people did not believe what I was stating, they still wanted to read about it. Never mind that I have evidence for what it is that I share.

Damn that pesky little thing known as evidence and its ability to establish the truth. Even if those that it exposes attempt to get rid of it, it will find another way(s) to come to light. Ad hominem attacks on those who present it, will always fail to diminish its power.