Revelation 6:6: Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, ‘Two pounds of wheat for a day’s wages, and six pounds of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!’

All over the world, people are experiencing inflation like never before. This Biblical verse is an End Times prophesy: I have already written an article about these prophecies which you may read here.

The following is primarily for those who are new here. Those who are not new, may learn something new via the paragraphs in black text, at the end…

As I have stated repeatedly in my Biblical articles, my ancestors wrote the original Holy Scripture. The Jews stole it and inserted their propaganda material into it in order to use it as a weapon of mass mind control. I have had several (Jewish) agents try to undermine my research on truther forums, YouTube channels, etc.: they do not mention me because they do not want people coming to my site to read material that they will, most likely, believe to be truthful. Similarly, I have not, and will not, mention their platforms because I do not want to give them any free publicity. Instead, I dissect their propaganda theories here, on my platform in the following articles: 

Some People Are Running Scared

300 Spartans: Was That The End Of Them?

Lack Of Accountability In The Bible

Here is an excerpt from the third article hyperlinked above:

Speaking Of Lack Of Jewish Accountability…

I heard through the grapevine, that there are certain Jews who are distorting my research so as to blame the Hellenes for the abomination that is the foundation of the Abrahamic religions: all three stemmed from a distortion of the original (moral, truthful) version of the Scripture. This blaming of the Hellenes, seems to have sprouted from the following article whereby I demonstrate that I, and many other Hellenes, descend from High Priests/Priestesses.
Priests/priestesses were teachers – sometimes even healers – in antiquity. They were the equivalent to Shamans in tribal communities: their role was to help people. Both men and women could take on these positions. I have already written about the Hellenic priesthood here: it epitomized lack of social control, as the focus was on the individual. The paternal, priestly hierarchy in the Abrahamic religions, was created by the Jews when they began worshipping the Cosmic Father – Saturn – once they made Him the God of Creation (LORD), instead of the True Creator/Source of Life: Light (Jesus Christ). In Hellenic lore, Christ/Light is FEMALE. This ties in to how they operate in the world: they place the Father (Saturn), before the Mother (Light/Sun). They invert EVERYTHING. However, there is no life – material or otherwise – without the female/Jesus/Sun/Light: 
John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
So, even though they acknowledge the importance of the female for biological reasons, they have no respect for the maternal/female/Light/Source of Life. This is demonstrated in the way that women and Christ are treated in the butchered version of the Scripture. Christ/Christianity is also severely condemned in their UnHoly PlayBook: The Talmud.
The lack of accountability for their crimes goes way beyond what is in the Bible. They have owned all forms of media and education for millennia. They use these things to shift the blame for their transgressions onto other groups of people. They infiltrated these groups centuries ago, often creating different ethnic labels in order to hide behind them. Greek and Roman are crypto-Jewish terms: I have heard people condemning these groups as owning slaves, treating women as second class citizens etc., but this was all the doing of the royal Egyptians/Jews.
They first introduced slavery to Europe before spreading it throughout the world. Their version of ‘democracy’ involving ‘voting’ that excluded women and slaves, has nothing to do with true, Hellenic democracy.
The Jews were behind the whole Trojan saga, you know. The expression, “beware of Greeks bearing gifts”, should be, “beware of Jews bearing gifts”.
The 9 to 5 working day was invented by the Romans. When people had debts they could not pay for in money, they would show up to the home of whoever they were indebted to every morning, in order to work off what they owed. This ’employment model’ was later used to profit from people’s labor in their industries. 
They blackwash the Hellenes and Italians in their Hollywood propaganda machine, by making the former look moronic in movies such as, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and the latter, into perpetual criminals in almost every gangster flick ever produced. Lest I forget, the character assassination of Germans via the Nazi psy-op (the Holocaust never happened since the Nazis were crypto-Jews). Europe was the first continent the Egyptians/Jews destroyed. 
If the Hellenes were behind the corrupt taking over of the world, you would see way more people with names like my own, occupying positions of power throughout the world. Also, Hellas would never have experienced such a massive decline over the centuries. This was – and is – a deliberate attack on the people they first violated when they set off on their dingy boats thousands of years ago.
My spidey-senses tell me that they are going to try to distort my research even further by claiming that the interbreeding that the Egyptians/Jews did with the Europeans is what made them evil. That is, it is the White/European genes that are to blame for the colonization of the planet. Uhhh…no… They needed our genes to survive. What is evident to me is that they have only inherited some of our physical characteristics: they do not have our intelligence, compassion, or strength. If they did, they never would have raped and pillaged every land on the planet. Their barbaric and depraved tendencies have already been established in the Jewish parts of the Bible and their real ‘Holy’ Book: the Talmud. They are admitting it to your face and you still see them as victims due to relentless Hollywood and historical propaganda. Lying is like breathing for these people.

What’s next, I wonder? Are they going to say that my Spartan ancestors were barbarians (projection, much?) when they fought to the death for what was theirs? It’s what other indigenous peoples did around the world, regardless of the color of their skin, when these pirate/parasite invaders landed on their shores.
The most racist racists on the planet came out of Africa: take a moment to let that sink in to your noggin.