Aries Peter

Taurus Simon

Gemini James

Cancer Andrew

Leo John

Virgo Philip

Libra Bartholomew, or Nathaniel

Scorpio Thomas

Sagittarius James The Great

Capricorn Matthew

Aquarius Jude Thaddeus

Pisces Judas Iscariot

Each of the Apostles in the Bible represent the different zodiac signs – their characters are supposed to take on the core characteristics of each sign. (For more on this please read the following article.) 

My interest is more in the Astrological Ages – which move ‘backwards’ in time – and how we are now exiting the Age of Pisces which has been a profoundly deceptive period for the majority of people throughout the world. Interestingly enough, Judas Iscariot – the one who betrayed Jesus – represents the sign of Pisces. The darker side of this zodiac sign is deception, betrayal, illusion – including self-delusion. In my opinion, the Age of Aquarius has already begun, primarily because Saturn – the Real Ruler of this sign – entered Aquarius in late March 2020. (For more on this New Age and what it really entails, please read the following article.) I would describe this entrance metaphorically as the birth of a child – her/his head has already popped out and there’s no pushing her/him back into the womb at this stage… We have reached the point of no return.