I have written about the High Priestess before in this article. She is depicted on one of the cards in the Major Arcana of the Tarot steeped in profound esoteric symbolism. She is the Keeper of the Logos and Universal Knowledge (Gnosis).

The origin of this knowledge and the role of the High Priestess is of Hellenic (Greek) origin. Here is an excerpt from the article hyperlinked in the first sentence of this post – I have included The Hierophant (High Priest) since the two are connected:

The High Priestess (2) & The Hierophant (5)

The High Priestess and the Hierophant are counterparts: the latter was once called the High Priest. The term “Hierophant” is a Hellenic word meaning “sacred reveal” (hieros = sacred; phainein = show, reveal). So, it was the priest’s job to reveal the knowledge of Creation, often referred to as, Natural Law. In Hellas, this involved both men and women. I have a sense that the women came first because they were considered more powerful/sacred due to their direct connection to the Source of Life (the double X chromosomes, one of which is always passed on to their offspring regardless of their gender): this is why the priestess comes before the priest in the Tarot. If the Tarot had been created by the Hellenes, the High Priestess, a woman, or the Sun/Light, would be at the top of the deck. (The Fool Major Arcana Tarot card (0), the first card in the deck, does include the Sun in the top right hand corner but since it is not the focal point, this does not count as an acknowledgment of the true Source of Life. The 0 on this card should represent the cyclical nature of life, not zero, or nothing. Creation does not sprout from nothing, since it is impossible to get something from nothing. So, life can only begin from something: that something is Light. Light cannot be created, or destroyed, only transformed. It was there from the beginning, will be there at the end and at every other point in between before the cycle begins all over again: IT IS ETERNAL. There is no Fool (individual) setting out on the journey of life without the Creator of that life giving her/him life in the first place.)

Both of the priests have crosses on their clothing but the High Priestess has only one large equilateral cross: the symbol for death and resurrection in Masonry (The Greek Origin of Freemasonry p. 36). Any references anywhere in the world to myths, religious, or psychological philosophies etc., related to death and resurrection, are of Hellenic origin. (The other Major Arcana Tarot card that has one large equilateral cross is the Judgment card (20). The images of people rising from their coffins represent the resurrection of the dead.)

The equilateral cross also represents the division of the zodiac wheel into the four seasons: this is the foundation upon which Western (Tropical) astrology is based. As I stated above, this brand of horoscope is of Hellenic origin. (Astrology and horoscope are both Hellenic words: the former meaning, “the study of the stars”, and the latter, “time observer”, or “the observer of time”.)

The Sun is situated at the center of this cross which is also the center of the zodiac wheel. The Sun represents the Soul in astrology and Christianity: death and resurrection are related to the Sun during the seasons and to Christian Holy days via Easter and Christmas (learn more here).

The equilateral cross is also on the Hellenic flag.

The pillars depicted on the High Priestess card, represent the pillars of Masonry. The pomegranates in the background are also a Masonic symbol of abundance and associated to Persephone (The Greek Origin of Freemasonry p. 36, 37). The pomegranates are arranged in the shape of the Tree of Life (see image here). The fact that the Tree of Life which is tied to genetics, biological lineages etc., is pictured on the female priest card, indicates that the female is at the center of the tracing of bloodlines. The pomegranate tree is very resilient as it can survive harsh weather conditions. In this way, it symbolizes the X (female) chromosome for it is far stronger than the Y (male) chromosome. Many genetic disorders are passed on via the Y chromosome.

In my opinion, Masonry, in its original Hellenic form, was led by women. This is because human life is built, constructed in the woman. Masonry is about architecture, whether it is related to biology, buildings, or other structures in the physical world.

It was the High Priestesses who passed the Logos/Gnosis onto the Priests, or men in general, who were worthy of receiving it: this is why the High Priestess is the one holding the Book, or Scroll, of Knowledge in the image on the Tarot card (the proper title of that document should be The Holy Scripture). The men then went out and preached to the people, built the buildings, other structures, and so on.

Logos: The Word

When I was a psychology student at university, I often heard about the studies that demonstrated how women are more proficient at verbal things (writing, speaking), whilst men are better at math and building things. This is true for the most part and it proves my point that women – at least in Hellas, possibly even all of Europe, in antiquity – were the Keepers of the Logos (Word). You see, letters were the original – and only true – numbers. They are tied to the coding/blueprint of life – DNA sequences. As I explain in the excerpt about The High Priestess above, the woman is inextricably linked to the tracing of biological lineages via the X chromosome – this is also connected to the Source of Life: Light (learn more here).

Later on, when invaders took over, they invented new symbols and systems for this coding that we now recognize as numbers and mathematics. This system favors the male brain, so it was designed to co-opt the knowledge from the women, and people in general, since the women shared most of this knowledge with everyone. The material that was kept secret revolved around genetics*** because that was something that could be ruthlessly weaponized in order to enslave humanity – eventually, this is exactly what happened. 

In The Beginning Was The Word

In The Beginning Was The Word, takes on a whole new meaning when you realize that women were the Keepers of the Word, which ties to everything that I state herein. Here are a few excerpts from the article hyperlinked in the previous sentence:

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Revelation 1:8 “I am the Alpha and the Omega” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.”

Revelation 22:13 “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

1 John 1:5 This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.

The first Biblical verse quoted above from the New Testament refers to what is now known as “Gematria” albeit in occult form – the Greeks called it Isopsephy. They discovered Gematria/Isopsephy which is why it is mentioned in the New (Christian/Greek) Testament. In Genesis (a Greek word meaning “birth”, or “beginning”), the first book of the Old (Jewish/Hebrew) Testament, there is no mention of God being the Word. In Genesis, God is using the spoken word to create Creation – this is not referring to Gematria because it is based on the written word: the alphabet.

The word Gematria is itself Greek in origin deriving from the word “geometry” (geometria – γεωμετρíα: ge/γη – earth; metro/μέτρο – measurement). It is the coding of numbers into letters and is commonly known as numerology. In antiquity, letters took the place of numbers as there was not a separate set of symbols for them. Gematria is geometry in language: for Biblical examples, I refer you to this website: 37×73.com.

‎Geometry And Form.

Geometry is a mathematical discipline that is an integral part of creating form (the other part is light). There is physical form – objects that require math for their construction (buildings, cars, furniture etc.). The other type of physical form that geometry is responsible for involves the creation of all forms of life. Human DNA has a mathematical coding that forms a geometric shape. Other types of molecules etc., contain their own geometry/coding.

Math also influences non-physical form such as thoughts, emotions, character traits – that is, people’s natures, or psychology. This is what the study of numerology is about not only in relation to people’s birthdays, but also their names.

The Word Is God.

The math encoded in letters – words – is why the Word is linked to God in John 1:1 via the phrase “the Word was with God”. Jesus Christ is the God (a.k.a. Lord God, Almighty) of Christianity – he represents the Sun (light) because Christianity is Sun worship. This is reaffirmed in the fourth Biblical verse above 1 John 1:5 with the statement “God is light”. Therefore, math (words/letters) and light (the Sun/Jesus Christ), are intertwined. (John 1:1 does not differentiate between the written and the spoken word. However, the focus in the New Testament is the alphabet which only came about with the invention of the written word. The use of letters as numbers also only began with the introduction of the written word.) (So, if the Word IS God and women are Keepers of the Word, who is God? Or, what is the Source of Life? As I have explained in a previous article, if Jesus Christ existed He would have been a She.)

Hellenic Names Are Saturated In Light (Especially The Female Ones)

This is because they contain many vowels: women’s names, on average, have more than men’s names. Vowels represent Light in the written (and spoken) word. Here is the relevant piece from the above article explaining this phenomenon:

In the second Biblical verse above, Revelation 1:8 the phrase: “I am the Alpha and the Omega” is “spoken” by the Lord God/Jesus. Alpha (Α, α) and Omega (Ω, ω) are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, both vowels: vowels = soul = light = the Sun = Jesus Christ. So, Gematria, the coding/sacred geometry in language is incomplete without vowels since they represent the life force: the Sun, or light. Nothing can be brought into form, or sustained in the material realm, without light: it is all encompassing – “the Beginning and the End” (Revelation 22:13 – the third Biblical verse quoted above).

Vowels were later adopted by everyone else in their written languages because, I am assuming, it was acknowledged that the Sun/light is absolutely necessary to bring things into form in the material domain. This also explains why an alphabet begins with a vowel – light precedes, or creates, form. (It’s interesting that alphabets only contain a fraction of vowels, and yet, that’s where all of the power is contained.)

This is the second footnote in the article referring to Hellenic names:

* There are seven vowels in the Greek alphabet: Α, α; Ε, ε; Η, η; Ι, ι; Ο, ο; Υ, υ; Ω, ω. The importance of vowels/light in this language is evident in the overwhelming number of vowels in their names – my last name is a good example: Papadopoulos. The Greek masculine version – Παπαδóπουλος – contains an equal number of vowels and consonants. However, the feminine form of the name drops the last consonant and replaces it with a vowel – υ – so that it contains more vowels than consonants. This is common practice for feminine surnames. On average, feminine first names contain more vowels than consonants: my first name – Ελένη – is an example of this and happens to mean “light”. It is derived from the Greek word for Greeks: Éλληνες (Hellenes).

The Time Before The Moon

There are many myths that speak of a time on Earth when the moon was non-existent. This means that all of our stories connecting women and the mother to the moon are fairly recent phenomena in Earth’s history. So, I outright reject the connection of the moon to the female/woman. The moon is only visible because it reflects the light of the Sun – there is no life without the Sun. The female is the Source of Life as evidenced by the fact that both males and females have X (female) chromosomes. The Hellenes knew about genetics and worshipped the Sun: they knew that DNA codes are the Language of Light/Life. The first Hellenes, known as Pelasgians (The Greek Origin of Freemasonry, p. 39-40), were Angelic, or Divine (The Greek Origin of Freemasonry, p. 182, footnote #15; learn more here).


***The genetic knowledge contained in the Holy Scripture forbids incest. There are many stories linking incest to the Hellenes (Greeks, especially in mythology, perpetuated by perverts like Freud), but they are false. I have already stated in several articles that Hellenic words, philosophies etc., were bastardized long ago: learn more here & here. In time, as I continue my work on mythology, this will be something that I will be able to demonstrate.