I have written several articles over the years highlighting nonsensical and detrimental New Age beliefs and practices. I will list them below. Many people are turning to this arena for help in these uncertain times. I will continue to do what I can to warn them about the pitfalls of doing so – repetition is a necessary part of it.

In this post, I will add the ludicrous belief that I have encountered repeatedly in the past couple of years: Time is an illusion (NOT – for more on time not being an illusion, I send you here). I have not heard this from astrologers since their entire discipline is based on it, but I have heard it from others who claim to know something about astrology. If you come across people who are offering products, or services advocating this philosophy, run to the hills because they are either misinformed, or lying to you.

Some would argue that individuals are entitled to their beliefs – I agree. However, beliefs do not have to be based on any objective (universal) truth. For example, some may believe that one plus one equals three but that does not make it so; others might believe that the Sun will not rise tomorrow but this does not make it so; some believe that it is possible to go an entire lifetime without consuming animal products, but Nature will show them that this is not the reality of the situation. Personally, I would not take seriously the advice of anyone who held these beliefs.

There are also beliefs based on subjective (personal) truth. Whether these philosophies arise from people’s own perceptions, or they are parroting their guru, they can cause harm. For example, if you are a victim (survivor) of any form of abuse that seeks the help of someone who believes that there is no such thing as a victim. They usually also believe that you ‘attracted’ this experience. So, you then become responsible for other people’s behavior. I have sought the counsel of such individuals and ended up feeling way worse. I have also heard of many other cases where people were adversely affected by these beliefs (anyone who blames a victim of abuse for said abuse, is an abuser – this is my subjective truth). Now, if you hold the same philosophies, you may be helped by them. I have yet to meet someone who has been assisted by such a worldview.

Why are people being messed with in an arena that is supposed to be empowering?

The rubbish peddled within the New Age arena is done in every field. The move away from reality – rationality and Nature – in all areas disconnects people from themselves which makes it far easier to control them. Getting a decent education and having access to seemingly endless information online, does not seem to counter this disassociation from reality. In fact, it seems to reinforce it which demonstrates the levels of propaganda that people have been, and continue to be, exposed to on a daily basis.

In recent months, I have recalled the wisdom of my grandmothers who were both illiterate (reading and writing were considered unnecessary skills for women back in the day). My maternal grandma, in particular – a very smart and sassy Spartan – would laugh hysterically at the absurdity of the beliefs that I decimate in the articles below. She would have known that they are contrary to life from her own instincts and experiences. In other words, she was connected to Nature/Life and herself. Think about it: how did our ancestors know what to eat, how to have sex, give birth, raise children, etc., without any input from some external ‘authority’?

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