Ten years ago, I discovered that married women in Hellas do not have to take on the surnames of their husbands. So, their identities based on their genealogies, remain intact. A few years ago, I learned that Hellenism experienced a rebirth in that country during the 1990s before it was legally recognized in 2017. This demonstrates that the tide is turning in my ancestral homeland: things are slowly but surely being restored to their original state.

Fast forward to today, after four years of delving deeply into the Hellenic origin of the Bible, I understand my own role in this global tidal wave. My research has unearthed many other lies and crimes in history that are making some people at the very least, uncomfortable, and others, at the very most, enraged.

These people have benefited from these lies and crimes for millennia. They stole absolutely everything from other groups of people: names/identities; genetics; language; symbolism; knowledge; technology; land; natural resources; creativity…EVERYTHING!

These people first came out of Egypt: proto-Jews. Their boats first landed in Europe (Hellas), and they contained not only royal Egyptians but your ordinary Egyptians/Jews. There were not enough royals in antiquity, or even in our current time, to take over every land on the planet without the help of their lower level Jews. Even when they have their own aristocratic family members administering their psyops for them, they still need their ordinary Jews carrying out their orders on the ground. I saw this very clearly in all of my time in Hollywood: almost everyone I met was Jewish and they all work together, no matter their social class. I did not meet any famous people (i.e. Jewish aristocrats) but many of those I did meet, were working for/with them in some capacity.

In recent times, I have had many flashbacks of racist experiences throughout my lifetime with individuals who had Jewish/crypto-Jewish names such as, Smith, Miller, Bollinger and Rose, none of whom were billionaires, or aristocrats. I now understand who REALLY oppresses humanity.

Since they co-opted knowledge centuries ago, any promoted historical figure is either a crypto-Jew, or the works of non-Jews were morphed into whatever propaganda material the Jews needed them to be: the Holy Scripture being the main piece of stolen literature that was used for such a purpose.

When you finally realize all that I have stated above, the fog clears for once and for all.

Let the tsunami that is about to happen in the world, wash away their lying, predatory ways, so that all things may be returned to their pristine form.


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